Danone Nations Cup 2010         


 In the six years  since it was created , the Danone Nations Cup has become the  world's top football tournament for children in the 10-12 age group, and  has already made 10 million kids' dreams come true.

The World Final  is the culmination of a year of competition, over five continents. The  winners of the national tournaments in the 32 participating countries  come together in a prestigious stadium, filled with bigger and bigger  crowds, to play their favourite sport under the proud gaze of some of  the greatest stars of the international game, and in particular the  event's sponsor: Zinedine Zidane.


Endorsed by FIFA  and the FFF (the French Football Association), the World Final of the  Danone Nations Cup is a true festival of sport, which brings together  500 children from different countries and cultures. The event is based  on four fundamental values: openness, pleasure of the game, fair-play  and accessibility.


More than just a  football tournament, every year the Danone Nations Cup gives thousands  of kids the chance to "believe in their dreams", taking part in a unique  experience where the emphasis is firmly on openness and fraternity.The Danone  Nations Cup also gives hope to hundreds of children affected by illness,  donating all revenues from ticket sales to the association ELA, which  is sponsored by Zinedine Zidane.


This year's world final , held in South Africa from Oct. 1st to 3rd,  was spectacular, especially the last day in the Orlando Stadium in Soweto. What an atmosphere!  Tens of thousands of enthusiastic spectators, many as young as the players, celebrated the victory of their team exuberantly.


The kids  from all over the world who were able to particpate in this wonderful event (and even myself) will probably never forget it and they will always remember the charming people of that extremely beautiful country.