Crown Princess Victoria   


Together with her mother Her Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden supports underprivileged children. That's why she came to see Buntkicktgut on the occasion of her visit to Munich.

“Buntkicktgut” means “Colourful kicks well”. It’s an initiative – established in 1996 by Ruediger Heid and Memo Arikan – which uses street football (soccer) as means for the integration of immigrant kids.  In the meantime its League with 150 teams and more than 1500 participants  has become a respected institution that served as example in several  countries in Europe.  For it’s efforts to promote tolerance, integration, non-violence and self-esteem within the community of young people from different origins and cultures Buntkicktgut has received awards from the German Football Association, from the Lord Mayor of Munich and from the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Crown Princess Victoria and her husband were very interested to see for themselves what can be done to improve through sports  the  integration of immigrant kids. The Princess overwhelmed everybody with her radiant charm, and the Prince showed his  soccer skills by perfectly converting a penalty kick. 


June, 2011