Alexander Zverev

January 20, 2014

All the young German players who took part in the Junior competition of the US Open made it into the semifinals. A fine success. Alexander Zverev (photo below) now competes in the Australian Open 2014. As one of the youngest in the Junior category he has been positioned  as number one. I’m looking forward to see how he will be performing.

I had the great joy to see them all four  – Alexander Zverev,Maximilian Marterer, Johannes Haerteis and Hannes Wagner – play at the  Tennis Europe tournament “Bavarian Junior Open” , which recently was renamed “Audi GW :plus Zentrum Muenchen Junior Open”. That was a couple of years ago,  at a time when they still played U16.

Alexander Zverev, called Sascha,  is the German tennis hope, has achieved  his greatest success so far: At the age of 16 he won the junior category of the Australian Open 2014, beating in the final Stefan Kozlov  of the US 6:3 and 6:0.  Alexander Zverev is the number one in the junior world ranking. This photo was taken when he was 14 winning the Bavarian Junior Open